Jason Coatney

Jason has been a life-long resident of Southwest Missouri.  Jason is number 6 of 7 children raised by a school teacher and truck driver.  Jason began working on the family farm at the age of  8 years old which established a strong work ethic.

Jason is a graduate of Springfield Catholic High school, Southwest Missouri State University and The University of Tulsa College of Law.  Prior to seeking an education in history and law, Jason traveled the county working on a steel crew in the construction industry.  Such a diverse back ground provides him with a unique perspective.

Jason began his legal career at a local firm and then became Real Estate Counsel to American Freightways, Inc., the predecessor to FedEX Freight.  At American Freightways, Jason was involved in the acquisition and development of real estate for trucking terminals.  Answering a calling to the court room, Jason left American Freightways in 2001 and opened an office Springfield, Missouri.

Since 2001, Jason has been a trial attorney representing Southwest Missouri clients with their needs in the court room. If you need an attorney to protect your rights in the court room, contact Jason for a consultation.

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